Skills Development Facilitation

Skills Development Facilitation involves analysis of skills requirements within an organisation and coordinating the submission, maintenance and updating of the organisational skills development plans and reports to the relevant SETAs. 

Skills Audit

It is imperative that an organisation understand what skills and knowledge it already has. This information is valuable in order to optimise the current skills set within the organisation and will assist with determining the skills gaps aligned to company strategy.

Workplace Skills Plans (WSP)

Workplace Skills Plans (WSP), which are accompanied by an organisation’s Annual Training Report (ATR), are well researched and reasoned plans for developing the skills needed within an organisation. They should include a survey of the qualifications and roles of the staff and an analysis of the company’s expected future trends. The WSP should, ideally, relate to the sector skills plan (SSP) drawn up by the relevant SETA. The WSP and ATR submission can form part of the Skills Development Facilitation activities of the organisation.

Skills Development Intiatives

Skills Development Initiatives will be decided once the skills needed in an organisation have been determined. Progression follows a beginning-to-end process in project managing the implementation of various skills development initiatives.

These may include both accredited and non-accredited programmes across the various categories of the Learning Programme Matrix (LPM).

Learnerships, Skills Programmes, Bursaries, Internships, Apprenticeships, Short courses, Self-leadership and coaching programmes 

Mentorship Programmes

Mentoring is a relationship between two parties, who are not necessarily connected in a line management structure, in which a mentor guides a candidate through a period of change and towards an agreed objective. The mentorship programme is encouraged during the skills development process in order to provide the necessary support and guidance to the learner throughout the process.