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Innovative & High-Quality Training solutions

Who are we?

Nungu Training College is an ISO 9001 certified company with excellent training facilities and staff members who are carefully selected, not only with regards to their qualifications, but also their training and facilitation skills.

All our training programmes are flexible and can be adjusted to suit customers` specific needs.

In cases/in the event where training is required in special fields of skills falling outside its own fields of expertise, Nungu Training College can arrange as a service to its clients, training at specialist institutions.

Training with Meaning, Purpose & Value. 

Fully Accredited Training Centre

Nungu Training College is currently accredited by UMALUSI, QCTO – MQA, merSETA, TETA and CETA as provider  training, education and summative assessments.

Relationships and partnerships are vital for our industry. Building strong and solid relationships make us very competitive in training market.

Top Class Facilities & Training Centre

Nungu Training College is an equipped training facility with all the necessary equipment to train apprentices/learners, according to the requirements from the metal manufacturing industry, chemical industry and the mining sector.

The training centre can easily accommodate 400 learners in the technical training departments e.g. Electrical, Mechanical, Rigging, Boilermaking and Welding. Highly skilled training officers facilitate and present quality training in these departments.

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